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Evening Fuji
It is strange that at the United Nations International Conference on Climate Change, COP25, Japan was criticized as the country with the largest CO2 emission country, China, and a high thermal power generation ratio.
Net reaction
30% of the world, when we are passing through China where CO2 is emitted more than 9 times of Japan
The fact that the hitter does not matter
Only Japan that does not fight back with whales will be beaten
China is just blocking Japan’s economic growth
The capital punishment system will pass through China and hit only Japan
It ’s easy to hit, and it ’s easy to hit the honor student.
If you leave the Paris Agreement like the United States

“I like China because it is a developing country,” Greta ’s back is the Communist Party of China.
This is also a Chinese dog because it was selected as the “Man of the Year” by Time
The victim attribute of a woman who is a minor and disabled was also suitable for a signboard
If you want, non-white people are more victims.

If all Japan is a nuclear power plant, it will be solved
The cost of collecting uranium from seawater is also cheaper than importing a little more
When an electron beam of a certain wavelength is applied to polypropylene and immersed in acrylonitrile solution, it becomes an amidoxime resin that selectively adsorbs uranium.
Adsorbs quickly and in large quantities
Because it has a high collection capacity, it is okay to just sink into the sea
Excellent durability
Uranium can be recovered and reused by washing with hydrochloric acid
Titanium can also be recovered by changing the hydrochloric acid concentration
Uranium in seawater is almost infinite at an estimated 4.5 billion tons

Before the earthquake, 50 nuclear power plants covered 30% of the power, so if 100 more were built, all power could be supplied
If Sayoku is noisy in the new construction, you can secretly replace the existing nuclear power plant with one that has three times the amount of power generation
That way, the benefits
Annual oil imports can be reduced by about 9 trillion yen, and the current account balance will be 19 to 27 trillion yen, making it a step closer to a tax-free state
Become indifferent to the situation in the Middle East
If electric charges can be reduced, the factory of a foreign company will come to Japan and employment and money will be improved
If American and European companies build factories in Japan, they will not be attacked from anywhere
Intensifying anti-nuclear work sponsored by oil-producing countries
Intensifying technology theft