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Prime Minister Johnson before the election
While many companies raise their own funds, does it make sense in the long run to receive funds from receiving fees?
Since everyone has a TV, the reception fee is virtually the same as tax
Can anyone who has a television justify the mechanism of paying a specific broadcasting station?
“If you win the election, consider the abolition of the reception system”, but it was a speech of “abolition if you win”

UK general election results
Conservative Party 368 seats secession
Labor Party 191 seats
Scottish National Party 55 seats
Liberal Democratic Party 13 seats

Withdrawal faction 368, residual faction 259, expected to leave the EU at the end of January 2020
Net reaction
Media instigation failure
NHK is a teardrop broadcast at night
NHK radio is also a night
NHK said “Wakamonoha!”
NHK is the one that hangs down the desire-making news
Because I did “Hillary Victory!” Every day
Mass trash before the election “The Labor Party is catching up!
Next year’s US presidential election will also be a “re-selection!” Broadcast
Sayok is losing in any country
Is this finally leaving?
After all, it is necessary to form a Japan-US-UK alliance

BBC reception fee is about 22,000 yen per year (slightly cheaper than NHK)
Johnson “Abolished if it won” TV Tokyo broadcasted, but what other stations?
Why did you leave the EU in a referendum in 2016, but why was it so long?
After the withdrawal decision, the remnants started saying “Same conditions even if they left” Wagamama
Install an agreement with the EU, “If you miss it, treat it as usual with customs duties!” And request
EU “what is going well” rage, naturally refuse
Withdrawal faction “let’s leave without agreement”
Residual faction “Without agreement!” Rampage
Prime Minister Johnson “Too Confused! Parliament Suspended Between 9 / 9-10 / 13”
Remnant “Johnson is a dictator!”
The secession “Let’s ask people’s will in the election”