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1.NHK集金人犯罪撲滅 2.外国人生活保護順次廃止 を実現すべく、2022年参院選挙東京選挙区に立候補する予定です。



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Japan Tobacco Inc. announced that it will sell 24.8 billion yen of KT & G shares in Korea
Judgment that tie-up with KT & G is unnecessary because the production site was changed to the Philippines two years ago.
Net reaction
Jim Rogers “Now Korea is buying”
It ’s been falling for the past few days
I’m abandoned from the world
Amazing butter cutting
Just having a risk
“Because of Abe”
There is no need to have shares in a country that does not buy Japanese products

Japan Tobacco is a special corporation exempted from corporate tax, like Metro and NHK.
What was the information about the peninsula emergency that JT sold shares?
It ’s safe to sell a Korean company stock because JT is close to the government.
If you made the production site in the Philippines two years ago, would you sell it two years ago?
What if you hold it for two years in vain, and if you get a strange trial and seize it?