NHK集金人、一般人に「無職のクズ」など完全アウトな張り紙をしてしまう 20190922

1.NHK集金人犯罪撲滅 2.外国人生活保護廃止 3.共産主義非合法化



Chuo Nippo calls for anti-Japan in editorial
“Let’s stop using Japanese words! Oden, Wasabi, Champon, etc.”
Net reaction
Good, language collapse
I can’t even use Kamsa Hamnida, which has been appreciating Japanese
The grammar is also from Japan
If you speak English

The word imported as it was without the concept until the annexation
Promise President Prime Minister Secretary Philosophy Objective Subject State Security Law Reason Art Psychology Science Technology Rights Obligation People Republic Republic Hygiene Security Public Language Standard Dictionary
Is it impossible to abolish Japanese words?
“Urii, I’ll throw away the language!”
Mr. Lee is going back to Korea
If you throw away Hangul and use English
It ’s a perfect country with military command.
That’s still a problem and agenda
I don’t know the diversity that Sayok likes
Let’s stop using the meaningless horizontal text because it will be stupid
Assign Agile Competence Shrink Knowledge Fijibili
I do n’t know.